The Games

Tax evasion and botched negotiations
Where we left off

The team, having been informed prior about the Lord of the area and needing his permission to legally acquire the rights to Castle Karrock and the surrounding lands, set out for his seat of power.

Teleporting in to the port city of Qrora, a bustling trade city that hosted a healthy bazaar and trading district in close proximity of the docs, the group moved onward to the noble district hoping to meet with the Lord Altgeld regarding their newly acquired land. Despite minor setbacks in the guise of a pickpocket, the group made base at an upscale Inn by the name of the Blue Orchid. 

Kel and Kutchan remained in the common room while the others moved to different goals, whereupon a stranger made his presence known by offering fine food and drink to the bard and monk and sat down with them. He identified himself as Calenviael Aldershott, or Kale as he preferred. He stated he had the ear of Lord Altgeld and might be of service in helping them achieve their goals, though it became apparent he was looking for more than charitable service as he eyed the forms of the Bard and Monk. During the discussion, Kutchan excused himself and Kel rejected his advances, causing Kale to take some offense and leave. 

When the group next came together it was discovered in would not be for almost another week that they might have their next chance to speak with the Lord, if at all, and it was decided to pursue Kale's offer, at some reluctance from Kel. The next morn, letters were sent and the group met with Kale over a business lunch, where Silas took the lead in negotiations. Still somewhat disappointed at the previous nights events, Kale's generosity was replaced with a hard demand of personal gain in the future potential of Castle Karrock and set a heavy price for his cooperation going forward. 

A deal was made and the Sorcerer, as he had been revealed, left to his own business. Again, the group split and Kel set off to earn some coin by performing, a few others in tow to watch. When the set was finished, Silas informed those assembled that there were cultists near, those that had been in hunt of him for some time now. The group left and when in a spot they deemed appropriate, laid down a plan to draw them out. The plan worked with great success, drawing the cultists out. They demanded that the group leave Silas to his fate or be forever marked as targets along with the warlock. Kel was the first to strike in defense of his friend, whereupon the battle raged. Knives flew, magic was cast, bolts of pure eldritch might tore through people. Eventually the odds began to turn to the groups favor and the Cultists began to retreat, but not before one woman, who had hung far to the back of the group let loose a fierce blow which ripped through the stomach of Silas, dropping him to the ground.

Through quick action by Orix and Kel, Silas was saved, but the woman managed to flee, her co-conspirators dead in the street. Silas gathered the bodies and retreated to an abandoned warehouse claiming he needed them to perform one of his rituals. Clyde stayed to watch guard while the others returned to the inn. There a message was found waiting for Kel, an invitation to meet with Lord Altgeld for Lord Wently and his assembled over dinner the next night and to dress well.


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